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    Hello from Australia!

    it's an 8mm hole. so whatever you need to fit that.
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    Hello from Australia!

    some people have found them to be spot welded but not everyone. my husband's came out extremely easily on his 2022 model.
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    Hello from Australia!

    if my 2019 came with Akras I probably would have just debaffled and kept them. but alas the 1st year I needed to get an RR to get Akras and I didn't want the RR colours. plus it was more expensive. that said I love the look if my Toce and with the db killer it's not too loud. was similar to...
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    Hello from Australia!

    Good sound comparison for you. I love my Toce but hubby loves his Akras.
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    Hello- from FTR 1200 Carbon- North/West of Melbourne Australia

    welcome from Adelaide mate. yeah getting the suspension right for Aussie roads is a trial! Mine is feeling good now, softer than it was but still stiff enough for good cornering. What rearsets did you get? I've got Wunderkind ones on mine.
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    Dashboard screen

    I live in Aus in a location where it gets up to 45 Celsius in summer. I store my FTR outside but under a car port. When I ride to work, it's stored uncovered. I haven't had this issue at all, yes I have the protective cover on maybe it's still to come and I don't know yet. Who knows.
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    Hello from Australia!

    welcome mate! Where in Aus are you? I'm in Adelaide. I have a 2019 and my hubby has the same model as you.
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    Cat has to go

    i assume that's with the new header only? I can get to mine fine.
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    Iron Heart garage closed??

    yep, very sad news. basically a competitor was making up lies about them and the Lloydz tune to discredit them and sadly it drove enough business away that they had to close. we now only have one Lloydz tuner here in Aus which is in WA it sucks because the Ironheart guys were great guys and...
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    2022 Surging

    I am in Adelaide and I have a Lloydz tune on my FTR. it smoothed out the throttle, removed the surging, got rid of the 'blip' that happens at low speeds where sometimes the bike auto accelerates at low revs, and woke it up like you wouldn't believe. I got my tune through Ironheart but sadly...
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    Airbox Cover phone mount?

    on the airbox would be in the way when you're leaning to go round corners surely? handlebar mount is better.
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    I'm still travelling so not able to watch. I hear the race was good though with an awesome last lap. Great to see Zarco get his first ever win.
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    change of times for this weekend. race is Saturday now.
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    I'm travelling so wasn't able to watch this week. sounds like it was a great race.
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    there it is.