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  1. Max Kool

    On any Sunday...

    RSV4 1100 and FTR playing in the canyons. These are my roads...
  2. Max Kool

    Sunday mornings…

    Posting here bcuz no FTR this time. Vitpilen 701, Super Duke 1290R and a cameraman on a GSX1000F
  3. Max Kool

    Don’t throw those old tires away! wife said, I have an idea. Soon in our front yard, a Cobra Road Attack!
  4. Max Kool

    Who runs this show?

    Who runs this forum? And don't you need a few bucks to keep it running? (just asking, I would gladly make a donation)
  5. Max Kool

    Max' FTRankenstein...

    Time for an update. Last week the last few pieces of the puzzle came in (thank you UPS and USPS). Tire mounting tool, new wheel, to finish off my build. I think it's finished now. 2022 17" rear wheel, which is a straight bolt on on the 2019 FTR. Fresh front tire too, the previous one...
  6. Max Kool

    SOLD: 2019 S forks in Los Angeles

    Edit: sold Any rider in the LA area interested in a set of 2019 fully adjustable Sachs forks? 8500 miles on them. Cleaned and freshly serviced as of yesterday (so fresh oil). Reset to stock damping settings. Local pickup only (I want to keep the box). $400.-
  7. Max Kool

    Mupo suspension front and rear

    As some may know I've been using a Mupo rear shock for a while, and recently upgraded to Mupo LCRR fork cartridges. It's not that I didn't like the stock "S" suspension, it's actually pretty good for an average 170-220lbs rider imho. But not perfect. It can be harsh on ruts and cracks, while at...
  8. Max Kool

    Secret Sauce V6 hello!

    Here's my little eval of the first two hours on V6. Stock RR, baffles out. Intro, I've been in the hands of...
  9. Max Kool

    Ride Command update (don't install)

    Recently (March 26th) Indian released a new software update for the dash of the S and RR models. Install goes well however there have been reports of this new version resetting the odometer back to zero. Be warned, don't install. The affected version is MAS4A6.AP2104A.swu and is still offered...
  10. Max Kool

    Black Base FTR forks wanted.

    If anyone with a 2019 base model decides to upgrade his/her forks with the Ohlins forks (50% discount!!), I may just be interested in your black non-adjustable stock forks (assuming they're in good condition). This is a bloody bargain for a set of Swedish pr0n. Currently on the Indian website...
  11. Max Kool

    Panigale rider...

    Man man man, have to get this off my chest.... 👿 They should include an advanced riding training with every Panigale... had a guy in front of me on Las Flores and the start of Piuma, which are local canyon roads... and the fact that he actually found Las Flores means he must be local (it’s a...
  12. Max Kool

    Race Replica rear shock SOLD

    [sold] Selling my original rear shock. Asking $350.- ex shipping. (New price is 670 bucks). A great upgrade for any FTR Base owner. And if you live close to LA I could even help you putting the stock black spring on it.
  13. Max Kool

    Saturday cruise...

    Filmed from my buddy’s bike.
  14. Max Kool

    Making a motorcycle...

  15. Max Kool

    Meanwhile, in Portland..
  16. Max Kool

    Gilles Tooling rearsets groupbuy

    EDIT, this group buy is running and expires on March 24th!! Order them here. We can get these for $505.- (=10% off!) including shipping within the USA, or $560 shipped internationally. You will also receive so-called BellissiMoto bucks for 5% of the $505 purchase price, to help with buying...
  17. Max Kool


    I suddenly like this forum format way better than the other one. 🤟😎
  18. Max Kool

    Just a few pics from a recent trip.

    Recently closed off the Dutch riding season with a friend of mine (in California or course).
  19. Max Kool

    "Dustin" license plate bracket: $50.-

    I have a 3D printed license plate bracket that served me well for 3000 miles. Included are the necessary side bolts, two longer center screws and two top bots/nuts for your plate. The plate illumination should be attached with double sided tape. 50 bucks includes shipping within the...
  20. Max Kool

    The Bike Show rides the FTR...