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  1. edgelett

    Cutting it fine…very fine…

    I put 12.7 litres in the other day and thought THAT was close! glad you made it.
  2. edgelett

    The Harley-Davidson and Indian Wars

    Well said Wayne.
  3. edgelett

    No sounds of silence / Music at the bar

  4. edgelett

    100th anniversary Scout

    your bikesales link isn't working properly mate
  5. edgelett


    yes it's definitely above 104. Does yours have the baffle?
  6. edgelett

    A very interesting article…

    some people just get excited at the word 'hemp' in literally everything though cause in their mind they think 'yeah man, weed clothes/batteries/houses'! I'm seeing some cool stuff starting to happen with sand batteries - these may well be a move viable option for houses that want to store their...
  7. edgelett

    Rear tire wear

    have you checked the alignment?
  8. edgelett

    Raximo Levers Install

    they won't send it to you if it's not stuffed mate. mine is still fine with no issues (other than discolouration)
  9. edgelett

    Raximo Levers Install

    FYI I think only 2 people have had this issue. but it's worth being aware of.
  10. edgelett

    New 2023 models on the website

    yup, my 2019 S had the non-akra 'base' style muffler before I got the Toce and they didn't sound different to me. the do look better though.
  11. edgelett

    2022 Carbon R production numbers/Bike locations.

    pretty sure the answe is no based on images seen. but we won't know till they're on the showroom floor.
  12. edgelett

    New 2023 models on the website

    The new colours look awesome, bummed the base model won't be available in Aus any more cause it looks brilliant in grey/orange. Some really cool things about the new models, and there's a stack of accessories I'll be buying soon!
  13. edgelett

    New 2023 models on the website

    because it's not just a GPS firmware update, it's also a new ECU. you need both.
  14. edgelett

    Selling: Akrapovic black slip-on exhaust

    where are you located?
  15. edgelett


    Was awesome to see Rins take out the win for Suzuki's last race! I thought for sure Fabio & Pecco would take each other out at one stage. Good to see they stayed relatively clean, riding that Ducati without the wing would have been VERY difficult. was great to see him take the championship...
  16. edgelett

    2023 ambassador portal is open.

    this is a US/Canada program mate. Sadly Indian Australia don't run an ambassador program.
  17. edgelett

    Has anyone tried the Indian Leather Chaps?

    the brand I have is Draggin jeans, they're an Aussie company and the quality is excellent. They have heaps of options including regular riding jeans, cargo pants, chinos, skinny jeans etc. Lots of different fits. But there are heaps of companies making options that are pretty stylish.
  18. edgelett

    Has anyone tried the Indian Leather Chaps?

    the idea of chaps is just......not appealing to me. I personally HATE the look. If you want to protect your legs, a set of kevlar lined denim riding pants is a much better option, they keep you warmer as well as actually protecting you if you fall off the bike. either that, or get a 2 piece...
  19. edgelett

    day/night setting

    so if you untick the Auto button you can't then select either 'day' or 'night'?
  20. edgelett

    day/night setting

    can you untick the auto button?