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  1. edgelett

    Crossing Australia on an electric bike

    Interesting article. Good on him for giving it a go. You'll note however the same trip on a petrol bike took only 4 days. Personally, knowing those roads, that's a monumental effort and would involve pretty much not sleeping a lot and going hell for leather at high speed the whole way Doing it...
  2. edgelett

    Akras baffles in/out vs Toce full system

    Popped this video together to demonstrate the various sound difference between Akras with baffles in vs out, vs the Toce (with DB killer) I should have gotten closer to the actual muffler on the Toce to get the volume reading more accurate but oh well.
  3. edgelett

    Isle of Man TTT 2022

    I was lucky enough to attend the Isle of Man back in 2014. it was an AMAZING day, being there gives you extra appreciation for exactly how insanely dangerous the track is. this year's event is the first one back after COVID, and it's been full of tragedy. 6 competitors have died during the...
  4. edgelett

    Triumph's electronic bike prototype

    now this is interesting... 500 kW Triumph TE-1 EV prototype enters road testing phase | MCNews 500kw is more than most cars on the road.
  5. edgelett

    The dilemma of choosing a new motorcycle

    Tony and I both got our motorcycle learners permits back in 2004 for him and then 2005 for me. back then we didn't have any disposable cash so the idea was he'd get his L's first and get a learner approved bike (back then in South Aus we were limited to nothing over a 250. this has now changed...
  6. edgelett

    Bathurst 1000

    Wasn't too sure where to put this as its car related so if this is the wrong place, please move. This weekend is the Bathurst 1000 - possibly the best car race in Australia - where 24 cars race around a mountain. it's an endurance race with each team fielding a main driver and Co driver. it is...
  7. edgelett

    My brother's track day

    For those who are keen, I took a bit of footage of my brother's Skyline yesterday when he was getting some laps in at Mallala. it wasn't a race day so traffic proved a bit of an issue but when he had clear road his times were pretty consistent and reasonably quick for the first time taking that...
  8. edgelett

    Wunderkind Custom bits and pieces

    The first of my new Wunderkind bits was installed yesterday - the chain guard: Before After: Will start putting the other goodies on over the weekend and update this post as I go!
  9. edgelett

    Fearless Motorcycles - Harley Track Day

    Was going to put this in the Racing section but it's more about a bike build than anything. Fearless Motorcycles is a newish workshop set up by Allan Morrison. It's also where Tony now takes his Roadster after the dealer gave it back to him with broken brackets. These are the guys who did the...
  10. edgelett

    Battery issues

    I know a number of people have had battery issues with their FTR, and I know it's been frustrating for many. But I wanted to share this. Tony and I last both rode our bikes, (my FTR, his Harley) last week, I think it was Tuesday or may be Wednesday. He went to ride to work today and his Harley...
  11. edgelett

    2016 Roadster - wrapped pipes

    The head shields on my other half's Vance and Hines exhaust broke - basically the brackets vibrated till they snapped. rather than pay for new heat shields which he thought would break again, he decided to get wrapped pipes. apparently on the ride home as the glue cooked away on the pipes they...
  12. edgelett

    SOLD Aus - Wunerkind Custom indicators for sale

    So, I'm a twit and I bought these without first checking whether they work with a luggage rack. I haven't used my luggage rack yet (COVID cancelled our trips) but we are still hoping to do a bike trip later this year and I will need to carry some stuff which means I need to let these go and look...
  13. edgelett


    sorry for the downbeat discussion. my dad rang me today quite upset cause he had just found out one of his childhood friends in New Zealand had died. He and my dad used to ride bikes together all the time and this guy had a pretty insane bike collection in NZ worth over $200K. apparently he was...
  14. edgelett

    Carbon seat

    got this for free (yay) as I got a voucher from my old job when I left in March. pretty happy with how it looks, feels comfy and maybe a tiny bit narrower which helps us short people a bit. easy to fit too.
  15. edgelett

    Harley's new Sportster S

    Here it is - the new Harley Sportster S. It definitely has borrowed some things from Indian (and the FTR), but you'd expect that - the two big US motorcycle companies are always going to compete with and inspire each other. Is it an FTR competitor? no, despite the references on the website to...
  16. edgelett

    Jemma Wilson

    I was going to post this in the FTR Girls section but it's not about the FTR specifically. Most people in Aus know Toby Price (Dakar and Finke Desert Race winner - absolutel legend) But I have to admit I only just found out about Jemma Wilson and wow! Here's an interview with her about...
  17. edgelett

    Aussie Owners - FTR parts on sale on Indian Aus website

    Hey all, FYI if you are an Aussie FTR owner and haven't been to the Indian Australia website for a while, there are currently a stack of FTR accessories on sale at reasonable prices. The spoked wheels are discounted like crazy. Clearance FRT 1200 Accessories – Indian Motorcycle Australia...
  18. edgelett

    Rizoma indicators

    In my quest for indicators I am happy with, that also work with the rear luggage rack, I'm looking at Rizomas. I still have a fair bit of funds on my voucher so money isn't an issue. I was originally going to fit Wunderkind ones but after purchasing them I found they dont' work with the luggage...
  19. edgelett

    Toce polished headers - cleaning regime

    So after parking the bike today, I noticed my headers on the Toce are discolouring a bit, mainly on the front header and right where it connects to the bike. A little 'browning' in some places but right at the start of the header it's gone blue. As they're polished headers, scotch brite is a no...
  20. edgelett


    went out for a short ride today and stopped to take some photos. was just finishing up when 3 chaps on blacked out Harleys turned up. I turned and nodded and started to put on my gloves. at that moment I could smell urine. I turned and the 3 of them were taking a leak about 2 meters away from...