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  1. allyoop

    2022 Exhaust/Header options

    Thank you so much for the detailed reply! Also what a coincidence I happened upon your video of the Toce 😂 I love that video and it got me hooked on the toce system right away. I discovered it at like a few hundred views as well! For the time being I’m leaning towards the toce system. Those...
  2. allyoop

    2022 Exhaust/Header options[2]=21791 Any way I could fit these? Would need new headers and mid pipe to make it worth it but its an incredible sound:
  3. allyoop

    2022 Exhaust/Header options

    Thanks for the heads up on the Zard headers, I assumed they wouldnt work but wanted to be sure.
  4. allyoop

    New slip on

    What slip ons are those? I like it a lot. Possible to provide a video of the sound difference?
  5. allyoop

    2022 Exhaust/Header options

    Okay, so ive purchased a 2022 Carbon, I love it. I do like the sound, but I think it could use a little (a lot) more bite. I really love the way the stock exhaust (blacked out akras) look, but I also want much more sound than im getting. I REALLY like the style and sound of the Toce 2-1 full...