2022 Carbon R production numbers/Bike locations.

Just curious, How many 2022 Carbon R were made?

Where have then ended up so far?

It would be cool to see.

I pick mine up this Friday. I've waited 4 months for my dealer to receive. Mine is #540, I think.

I'll have more questions I'm sure... like what's the best plate/flasher relocation product out for the FTR?


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Not sure how many have been built - but would also really like to know (I haven't been able to find the number).
I'm 384


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Interesting - I'd love to know the number and if it is actually limited or not.

Is the number related to the MY only or across the entire series from 2019 - Current?
I just Got 626 and its rained every damn day since she got here (Saturday Night). Come on Wednesday!
I was thinking of picking up an old BMW badge off ebay to showcase my CarbonR production # of 540. one of those 540i badges with the "i" cut off

If you wanted to you could grab one off a Mazda. ;-)
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I’ve ridden the carbon on the demo truck five times. And keep forgetting to look at the number on it