Comfort Seat


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Picked up my new comfort seat today. Can't go try it out until the weekend. Thought I would answer a couple questions I couldn't really find answers to before it showed up. Sitting on it in the garage however it is softer than the stock carbon seat.

It's longer. Most of the added comfort is for the pillion. Stock seat is 24" long down the center and the comfort is 26.5". It reaches all the way to the end of the tail light.

They also had a new sport (that orange is bright) and carbon in the showroom. The new stock seats have more padding for the pilot while retaining the stock size. Now I want to know how they compare...

On the plus side. My wife is excited to try it out. She hated the stock seat.20230112_174536.jpg20230112_174557.jpg20230112_174833.jpg20230112_174642.jpg20230112_180927.jpg