Dented Akra can - Any fix?


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So I recently purchased my 2019 S from a guy in Indiana and somewhere between here (NYC) and there, during transit probably (though the very kind delivery driver denies it), the Akra slip on that the seller included with the bike, wrapped up in a separate box, got a nice dent on one of the cans.

This, of course, is a major bummer because getting a $1200+ part with a chunky dent on it is no fun, and I have no recourse because only the bike itself and everything attached to it was on the bill of lading. The box of accessories was just taken along kind of as a favor by the shipper, thus uninsured.

Which brings me to my question - is it possible to somehow push out a dent on one of these mufflers? Has anyone tried?


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I think any attempt to either remove the guts and try and panel beat that out or even if you could use air pressure to do it wouldn’t be an option. Don’t think you’d get the result. They should be insured mate. And if you had pics of it before it was packed it shouldn’t be an issue. Well in Australia anyway. I’d hunt around the forum mate. There are plenty of us that have replaced our exhausts. I’d send you mine but it would cost a fortune…I’d still go down the insurance road though man…👍😎


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Unfortunately, not on the bike and not documented, no shot with insurance on this one. It's been too long since delivery at this point for any claims, too. 😢
Live and learn, I guess.

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Too far away to help, but I have a sliding hammer that can pull these dents out. Either drill a small hole(s) at the deepest part of the dent, or if you have access to one, spot weld a length of wire on the dent.

Do some research to find a sliding hammer near you.


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These slip ons sell for $300-400. I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

they aren’t worth as much as people think they are.
I don't think a bunch of metal pipes are worth that much either, but where might one find a complete and undamaged example for 300-400?

Thanks for the repair suggestions, guys. Might have to try, nothing to lose.

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Keep an eye on the for sale/wanted subforum and the facebook groups. They’re being offered frequently.


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^^ especially since they come on two models for 22 instead of just one. More are for sale.

May even still be some floating around the classifieds here.


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Yeah, saw that one. Waiting for someone to list one with bottom can damage. :sneaky:

Decided I'm going to mount mine as is and live with it for now. Perhaps get something else entirely when I get sick of looking at it.