Do you have any other bikes?

Ed Fox

Do you have any other bikes? What is your favorite genre of bikes. I have a fairly eclectic interest in bikes. Mostly older Japanese bikes but I like almost anything out of the ordinary. That is why I like the FTR. It reminds me of so many of the bikes I've had because it is unique. I have built some custom bikes. Here are a few of my favorites.


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Ed Fox

Thanks, I love old Kwackers. I have a bunch, 3 KZ 1000's (1978, 1979 and 1980, 2 H2's 1972 and that green one is a 1975, 1 H1 1973

Max Kool

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thank you thank you, so do I. It's really a gem to ride. KTM pulled off a little miracle with this engine (and Husky with the rest of the bike).

Max Kool

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“After some treatment” 😂

I love the Griso btw, nearly bought one when the wait for my FTR took so long.


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Been into Beemers for a while.

Family Truckster, aka '98 K 1200 RS with a Hannigan Classic sidecar. Without the aux fuel tank (behind the back seat of the bike), it goes about as far on one tank as the FTR (120 miles). With the aux tank on, I can get about 200 miles before needing to fill up. Gets terrible mileage but is a dream to drive.

Daily Rider, '05 R 1200 GS pushing 90k miles. Has given me a lot of grief over the last 5-6 years, but I've been able to keep it running.


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Kawasaki Z1000R from 1983
MT09 Rossi - style from 2014
Fantic Caballero Rally from 2019


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2012 DR650 adventurised via and Cogent.
1998 GSXR750 currently disassembled.
Restoring 1957 Puch MS50L moped.

The FTR is my first v twin and love it.

Previous bikes GSXR1100L, ZXR400, FZR250R


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1977 Yamaha XS750-2D - Purchased brand new when I was 18years old. Out the door $2023.00!


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I also have a Tiger 800 & Honda Blackbird. Blackbird was my first bike and has done nearly 69k miles (25k by me).1C6E7A4D-FEA4-4E85-8869-B0F26484E565.jpeg