Ferraiolo1s FTR mods.

Bought some RR tank panels
That looks really nice with the pop of red. I was thinking of adding some red pinstriping or some thing to mine. Did you buy it through the dealer? I believe this is the part number through the dealer.


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I bought them used, there is another guy on the FB group in the states selling a set, i think he wants $450 for the set. Or just keep an eye on ebay.


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/\ Did you get in on the 75% off deal? Considering it myself just because they look so nice. Wish they weighed less or had some other reason though!


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Did some part swapping with the ‘22


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I have free reign to do as I wish when it comes to anything in the garage. Why I married her ;)
haha opposite in my case - my bike is MINE to mod - but he's the one with all the tools and I need him to help with some of the 2 person jobs so we end up working on my bike together a bit.
His shed however is his world.
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My wife and I ”share” the garage. There is a DMZ right down the middle. Everyone stays on their side. My Scout and Yamaha live in my daughter’s garage.
(At 63, no foolin around on concrete……)17567C26-ABA7-4323-8DD2-3F97DE0450C6.jpegFFF4D4ED-C131-4840-B018-502B398BDF1A.jpeg