Ferraiolo1s FTR mods.


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Man shed…no women allowed…except under strict supervision with a no touch policy…my happy place with loud music and tools…wife’s bike is out with the car in the other garage…does come into said man shed for work. Coffee and cold beverages can be delivered with prior permission…👍😂😎


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My cousin's garage is totally his domain. He told me that he has a pink 2 foot by 2 foot square of carpet just inside the door, he said that is the only place his good lady is allowed to stand, but only if she is there to offer him a cup of tea. He did make me laugh when he told me that he though he was particularly kind to his wife because the carpet could be placed outside, but due to his good nature its inside because "after all, it might be raining" 😬


Figured I would start this to keep track of the mods and the order they were done.

-cut oem levers
-took a hole saw to my oem baffles
-made homemade plate relocation bracket
-removed front and rear chain guard, painted case saver black
- rizoma retro bar end mirrors, bar end helmet hook, and rokform cell phone mount
-lextek cp1 slip on-sold
-pv3 with Ryan tune
-k&n air filter
-Bridgestone a41 tires, lasted almost 4k miles (now bridgestone t31)
-fuel moto cat delete (lasted a day, ran like poo)-sold
-rizoma ma011 sport bend bars with renthal grey grips
-RaceFit slip on growler and cat delete with updated tune from Ryan (doesn’t run like poo)-sold
-Kellermann Atto front and rear turn signals
-Rekluse torqdrive clutch
-atomic +2 rear sprocket-sold
-removed upper cowl turnsignal mounts and replaced with lower cowl mounts
-tracker seat
-Gilles rearsets and axle slider
-TOCE lowmount full exhausts sytem with v5 tune from ryan at indian of Charlotte
-Toce license plate bracket
-beeline moto gps
-Raximo short clutch/brake levers
-RDS frame sliders and ignition cover
-RR tank panels
-Ohlins front and rear suspension
-45t rear sprocket
-Roland sands designed tracker wheels
Ferraiolo, question brother, the R&G website recommends you jack up the engine before installing the Frame sliders, did you have to do that? or just pull out the bolts and install the sliders?


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Other than the battery and tune. Zero issues.

except for today, my rear brake caught on fire. I’m going to replace the mc and brake switch to the 22+ version. I’ll post more details later on.


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A little heated.


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Gilles rearsets
Nice Mods! I also think about buying the Gilles rearset. In Germany it costs 654€ and I wonder if it really makes that difference to OEM (FTR 19' RR)? I am 192cm tall and would find it more comfortable, if the peg would be a little more back. What is your conclusion after 7k miles with this? ;)


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Nice Mods! I also think about buying the Gilles rearset. In Germany it costs 654€ and I wonder if it really makes that difference to OEM (FTR 19' RR)? I am 192cm tall and would find it more comfortable, if the peg would be a little more back. What is your conclusion after 7k miles with this? ;)
They make for a much more aggressive stance. I prefer it.


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Swapped to the 22+ brake switch, new mc, and rotor. I’ll throw up a vid shortly about it. It’s quite the ordeal if you damage the brake switch..


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Update on the brakes. The new MC fixed the spongy brake feel.
Here is a vid bout the rearsets

Hi Ferraiolo,

Quick question. There is a pin for the rear brakeset that needs to be removed. I saw where you remove the top C clip from your video when you pointed it out. On the bike it looks like it was pushed in. I am sorry if I am not describing this correctly, but could you describe how you removed it?

I am talking about the pin below the arrow:


Thanks for your help.


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Yes. It’s a clip. Just push it and it disengages then pull it out.
Thank you. I feel like an idiot. I went back outside and took another look. I saw that the clip is connected to the pin and once you push it off you slide it out.
Thank you again. I just ordered the rearsets.


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Havent touched my FTR in a while, and im getting bored with the look. So I bought some OEM RED ( color is similar enough to my red RSD wheels) 17in wheels off a 23 FTR sport. In 2023 they moved back to a tone ring on the front wheel vs the bearing. So it "should" be a straight swap. Im going to add a 190/55 rear tire and push my forks down a bit so it should still sit around the same height as now, and throw on some S22s.

Ill be sure to do a vid and detailed post.

Pic of the wheels 2023-Indian-FTR-Sport-0-Hero-1074x716.jpg