How well do you know this product *Toce Exhaust*


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this was a one of a kind design done just for this member. I'm not sure how much he paid for it but as it was a custom exhaust it would have been a lot.

sadly, this member passed away last year. so any info is just what some of us remember discussing with him.
Damn! I wasn’t even aware he passed. Never saw that posted but he seemed to be in good spirits even through his struggles.


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Yeah a car was passing another car illegally and hit him head on around 60mph while he was riding his challenger. Things seemed good for about a day then it took a turn and we lost him.

at least we know he went doing what he loved and didn’t let cancer take him.
love the TOCE with cone muffler and v6 tune. the sound of the TOCE is definitely getting a lot of response from other loud exhausts around town (where I live cops don't write tickets and are more likely to tell you to rev it out than light you up, for the most part). There's a lot of good sounding exhaust systems here and they all respond with enthusiasm any time the FTR's TOCE unleashes the kraken within earshot.

I do run the DB killer as I put about 8,000 miles a year on my FTR and that's just one of 4 babies right now.
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