Motorcycle funnies


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I have a little sympathy for those on 3 wheelers cause many have had serious crashes on a 2 wheel bike and aren't able to ride a regular motorcycle any more. a 3 wheeler allows them to ride again while still feeling safe.
That being said, this is still hillarious lol.

one thing I will never understand are the Indian riders that buy a perfectly good bike then put about 300kg's of leather bags, tassles, straps, wrapping all over their bike so it handles worse and looks uglier haha!

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I could ride that thing until I turn 90! Let’s face it our sport bike days have a limit. (I am 61 and have significant heart disease.) I’m not giving up the FTR tomorrow but I am aware I can’t ride it forever. I have been looking at the Indian Vintage model. I might add a big chugger to my stable. If and when I do it is going to have leather fringe all over it! I saw this one at Tiki Bar last night. My wife liked it And she does not ride.....


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