Normal battery voltage.


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What is your guys’ battery voltage with key on and bike not running? Mine always seems to be around 12.3-12.4 volts even after long rides, but after I let the bike sit overnight.

I wonder whether it is typical for an OEM battery, or whether I should start shopping for a NOCO NLP14 Lithium battery soon.


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It’s a 12 volt battery. Key on engine off 12.3 is normal. My 2019 still has the factory battery. No point in replacing unless you’re having problems or looking for weight savings. Or you just hate having money (like myself and others here lol). That said the stock battery loves a tender so if it doesn’t live on one, your life on the factory battery will probably be shorter than average as the factory battery is a known weak spot.


From the manual:

Batteries that fall below 12.5 V run the risk of sulfation, a condition whereby sulfate crystals form inside the battery and significantly reduce performance.
If the battery voltage falls below 12.5 V, it should be charged immediately using the recommended battery charger.

I know next to nothing about batteries and definitely less than you guys, just saying what it says in the manual...

That NOCO battery sounds really good, it's about EUR 140 here. Good reviews on Amazon, too.


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On a scale 1 to 10, how easy would you guys say it is to take out the battery (1 = easy). For someone, who is very, very bad with tools.

As Murphy's law would have it, I'll receive the FTR probably in the first week of June, only to have to leave for up to 6 weeks at the end of June. Have to go somewhere by car.
I suppose the battery wouldn't survive that.
I'm thinking to take it out and leave it on a tender. Either at home (but then it would be left unattended, as no-one will be at home), or to take it with me.
The bike will stay in a condo garage with no electrical outlets, so plugging it in in the garage is not an option.
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