Ride command has water in it just some pictures


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I have the same problem as described here : "
when the Ride Command screens for early FTRs started to delaminate, Polaris provided a free screen protector (similar to what you'd put on a mobile phone) as part of a recall while they made some modifications to the Ride Command in production.

those of us with early build FTR's received a letter advising us to contact our dealer to get the screen protector.

later model FTRs, they changed the screen slightly and they don't seem to be suffering the delam issue that yours appears to have suffered.

in regards to replacing your ride command - Polaris are aware of there being problems with the early ones which is why they offered the screen protector in the first place. that would be why your dealer is trying to get a 'good will' replacement unit for you."
I own a '19 FTR and the warranty is gone. Any idea of what should I do now? It is really ugly to see the dashboard in those conditions. I am thinking about sticking s black film on the dash sides, but of course this is not a solution!!!


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I got a screen protector supplied new with my FTR, but then the pixels started to die (no water ingress) and the replacement screen was the newer type that didn't need one.


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Neither did I, but I read that others were having issues and I purchased a screen protector on Amazon.
Yeah look Dave I was just disappointed in the whole experience after team moto took over Brisbane Indian man. I’ve had no help or communication from them at all. That’s why I did my own T piece replacement and why I work on my own bike. If I have a problem I can’t handle I’ll take it to Kevin at Arrow. He was IB’s mechanic and a very knowledgeable and thorough guy. As far as the screen is concerned I haven’t really had a problem with it. It’s always parked under cover and I don’t leave it anywhere I can’t see it.


This is interesting.
For comparison: I also have a newer Africa Twin (Honda) and they have problems with the display going wonky too. Honda recently increased the warranty replacement to 10 years for '20+ AT's.
I'm not saying Honda is better or always gets it right, but they got it right in this case.