Titax Wheels Mounted


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Oem wheels themselves aren’t that heavy, it’s the big bearings and rotors that add the weight.


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Make sure to use fully loaded weight, as in right before you’re ready to install them on the bike.
Yup exactly and I also will do the wheels loaded minus tires as well to see the savings of just the wheels. I have a set of Bridgestone S22s with a 180/60-17 Rear waiting to go on. Diameter is only a little smaller than stock.

Don't forget to send me your 17" front fender drop bracket measurements! ;)


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You can find really lightweight rear sprockets at Sprocketcenter.com. They List Titax now. Their Superlite in Hard Anodized Aluminum or Steel is hard to beat. Renthal, AFAM, and Driven also make sprockets to fit the Titax bolt pattern which is shared with BST, Robo, OZ, and Marchesini. The pattern is actually a Kawasaki bolt pattern. To save more weight you can mount the brake carrier's and rotors with Titanium hardware. Use Titanium nuts on your sprocket. I know some scoff at this but many count every last Oz.
If you are chasing more weight consider going to a 520 Chain..The difference in weight for instance...114L 525 VXM DID weighs 5.3lbs...520 ERV7 weighs 3.88lbs and has a tensile strength of 8,800lbs. Yes it has less strength than the 525 but it's good enough for 280hp Moto GP Bikes and it doesn't stretch. Sunstars 520RTG1 is a touch heavier/same strength, and can be bought for $88.31 on Partsgiant.com. Use a light weight front and Aluminum rear sprocket and you just removed over 2lbs rotating weight off your motorcycle. Imagine that at 100mph...It makes a difference and that's why people do it.. Titax, do to demand is offering Ceramic Bearings for $275 a set also. They are sourced in the 🇬🇧UK. Ceramic bearings are 30% lighter. They primarily roll faster do to the lighter grease. They are most effective above 20,000 rpm. Our wheels will never see more than 300rpm. I don't have the exact number. NASA uses them in the space station pumps and found they last 40% longer. I don't think they are a necessity but they are available for those who want them. As far as weight goes we need to compare the weight of the 17 inch Indian wheel to the Titax 17inch Wheels. I will get some numbers. It's a much larger difference. Screenshot_20210617-032658_Chrome.jpgScreenshot_20210617-032917_Chrome.jpgScreenshot_20210710-001723_Chrome.jpgScreenshot_20210617-033017_Chrome.jpgScreenshot_20210710-001211_Chrome.jpgScreenshot_20210710-001258_Chrome.jpgScreenshot_20210710-001537_Chrome.jpgScreenshot_20210710-001622_Chrome.jpg


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And after all that massive weight saving the FTR will still be a boat anchor. If it's that important to you you bought the wrong bike in the first place.



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Must admit, in the past when I went to bike meet ups usually at some old trucker's stop somewhere, I did find it all a bit ironic when I looked around the car park and saw endless bikes with lightened this and lightened that, even down to titanium fasteners, and then when you go in the café, the owners will be there eating a 3000 calorie breakfast fry ups and barely be able to do up their leathers!
Hey I must point out I'm no light weight...................but I dont run titanium fasteners either 😃


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Lol right.

And the Indian 17in wheel I’m sure weighs similar to the total 17in wheel. After all, they are both aluminum.

also how has only one guy gotten his wheels delivered?