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I'm new here. I joined because I build insurance salvage rebuilders. And I just got a 2019 Indian FTR1200 S. Rebuilders are the perfect bikes to customize. Take the bent and broken stuff off and put on the trick parts. I would like to make this bike look like a factory FTR750. I need front forks, triple clamps(maybe), front fender, front wheel and tire. There maybe more little things as I get more into this build. Any advise or ideas are welcome


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I was the original owner of this bike,
I crashed on may 29 and end up insurance called totaled the bike.
I will tell you how long I had the bike and how much miles is on the bike .
2 months old with 1100 miles.
NRC fender eleminator and few nice stickers I have done to this bike.
You don’t mind me asking you how much did you buy this from progressive?


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