Where did you ride your FTR today?


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Gives us a reason to just post pictures! Doesn't matter if it was around the block, or a long haul.

Temps are dropping, still time for some 30* rides after work!


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My coolest ride was at -12* Celsius (10.4* F) but that was 10 years ago.

Great pics (y) . Hope they do not throw salt on the streets. They do it here:cautious:.

Max Kool

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My "coolest" ride was during a rally weekend in a snow storm, including camping. The tracks were frozen over, and those that weren't were very slippery. I landed upside down in a field, lost track only 5 miles in, got barbed wire in my rear wheel, stuck in a swampy field and generally sucked at riding. Although it was a fun event, I don't think I'm ever doing that again.

The hour and a half ride home in that snow storm nearly led to serious hypothermia.... (protip: taking a warm bath while being hypothermic is a BAD idea)

Unruly Rider

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I rode 110 miles to OKC in 19* weather on my Dyna a few years back... the looks I would get from people in their warm/cozy cars and trucks on the interstate was pretty funny. My Dyna had a 14" windshield/fairing that helped to keep the wind off your chest - I won't be doing that on the FTR without some quality heated gear, as I'm a sail in the wind on this bike.

Unruly Rider

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it's 44 celsius at the moment (or 111 F for you guys) so I'm not going near the bike for a few days haha
Yeah, that's like riding in hell, those are the temps we typically have here in southern Oklahoma around late July early August... don't think it got quite that hot this year though. Those days we would wait to ride until after the sun went down, temps would usually drop to mid-to-low 70's by late evening. How are the bugs and wildlife there? We always have to worry about deer when riding this time of year.


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We made it to 50* F in sunny Pittsburg, Pennsylvania today. Took a nice solo ride today. Tomorrow afternoon we should see 52*F. I plan to ride with my son-in-laws. J. rides a Yamaha MT09 and M. rides a Yamaha FJ09. Should be fun!