Where did you ride your FTR today?


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My brother was doing a track day out at Mallala today in his Skyline so I Rode down for a watch.
Bit of a boring ride as it was mainly dead straight freeway or country road but was thankful for cruise control!

he had a number of other drivers out looking at his car which was pretty cool.



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Sure did fella - never felt anything like it in my life.
We've had small tremors in Victoria over the years, but nothing big enough to cause buildings to shake and be damaged.
It was quite a significant shake.
news reports were saying it was felt as far away as Adelaide (in fact a hospital was evacuate) but I was at work and didn't notice it.
Friends of mine in Vic had some items fall off shelves but no major damage, though I saw a significant amount of damage to buildings in Chapel St.

Stay safe xx


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Had a nice ride today to no where special. Funny story on my way home.

So I stop at Roy’s by the Tracks. (About 30 bikes on an ABATE ride in the parking lot.) Recognize my buddy Dave’s HD bagger in the lot. Found him sitting at the bar. He says - Hey - I haven’t seen you for a while. What have you been up to?
I Said - I have been hunting Hogs. He say - cool, what do you use? I paused for a few seconds - Then I said - a FTR 1200!