Where did you ride your FTR today?


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Just around the loop backwards with my youngest boy…we swapped bikes so I got to ride the MT10SP…very nice, similar riding position to the FTR…well planted, handles well…it has a few issues with the new pipe but I think he’s getting a controller fitted…see what difference that makes…and I fitted this…👍😎982866D2-F5E4-45C6-85D6-7CAC8A36BB64.jpeg5A4DADC9-094A-4F31-8760-3769D1D7AF39.jpeg


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Only rode to work, but my thinking is that peak hour is a great way to check that the levers on my rearsets are in the right place for me.
Despite losing the brake lever adjustment screw, it feels spot on for me.
The gear lever needs a little adjustment though - a tiny bit too far forward and too high. Thought I had it in the right spot but not quite - missed a couple of shifts.
Will fiddle with it when I get home tonight.

Weather is slowly fining up so will be riding to work more frequently and alternating between the two bikes so everyone gets some love haha.


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I was able to ride for the first time in a week, (this past week, it's been rainy most days, except for last weekend, which due to social obligations, prevented me from riding) - a 50 mile (80 km) round trip commute to and from work. It's been warmer than normal the past couple of weeks - well, that's coming to an end. Starting tomorrow, it looks like our typically colder October weather has arrived - for the first time since early May, for at least the next several days, morning temps are supposed to range from as low as 40F (4C) to no more that 50F (10C), that's waaaay too cold for me on my FTR1200 doing 70-80+ mph (113-129+ kph) on 25 mile (40 km) freeway ride to work. With the longer hours I have been having to put in lately for my job (I'm a Quality Engineer), and having to run errands on the way home after work, it's already dark, or starting to get dark (and get colder) by the time I get home from work, so no after work rides for me (when temps. are at least warmer than they are in the morning). Oh yeah, and October is typically rainy around here.

In short, today's commute to and from work on my FTR, was its last ride until next spring. I gassed my FTR1200 up when I got close to home, put fuel stabilizer in the fuel tank, made the short 10 minute drive home for the remainder of my commute, and shut her down for the season, when I got home. :( Oh well. With the shorter days (the sun set at 6pm today, and it's not even the 15th of October), and colder days, it's just not practical for me to do much more riding. It's like that for most riders around here at this time of year. I saw nobody else riding a motorcycle during my commute to work (usually I see anywhere for 8-15 motorcycles on the road, during my morning commute).
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Gave the gear lever a small adjustment and got out for a decent ride on the FTR today - combination of hills and then some country roads. Rearsets are perfect now, bike felt great turning in to corners and by a miracle people actually used slow vehicle turn out lanes today!
Did over 200kms and stopped for lunch by the mighty Murray River.