Where did you ride your FTR today?


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Did a pretty big trip on the weekend, several hundred kms through the Adelaide Hills to the riverland and then back home again to have a bit of a look at the areas affected by flood.
was pretty sad seeing so many shacks now with water on their first floor, lots of roads inaccessible too.
First pic is what it looked like Sunday vs how it looked at the same location in Oct 2021 - pay attention to the shacks on the left above my luggage rack.



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We're staying in thr McLaren Vale wine region for a few days, and as it was forecast to be hot as hell today we went there via the coast to try to keep the temp down a bit (normally its only 50kms in a straight line).

no exciting photos because the temp got up to 43 C during the ride and we just wanted to get to our hotel and get in the pool.

promise to take some decent photos tomorrow.


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I rode to work in East Perth and parked in the usual spot in the public car park outside. Later I got a phone call from a private number, it was the cops telling me that someone had tried to knick my bike.
The bike is a bit scuffed up but no significant damage. The Kryptonite disc lock definitely helped save the day. Cops got a call from CCTV surveillance and busted the little shits. The wiring was pulled out of the throttle side so the bike went on a tow truck and I took the train home.
Shits me that my new paint job is fucked up...