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Hey bud,
I was hoping you could tell me, what year is your bike. Mine is 12/20, and it’s a stock 1200 s. Just had the reflash to prevent the cold stall. How does it go with no cat...

I need to try and convert mine some how.. yours must be louder right..?
Did you need to do any re-tuning.?
kiwi dave
kiwi dave
Mine is 08/20, so the same as you.

My silencers/mufflers are stock, but I installed a short bypass pipe for the cat converter. Not obnoxiously loud.

My bike ran like crap at lower throttle settings, so I purchased a Dynajet PV3 from Fuel Moto.

In hindsight, I should have persevered, as the latest map from the Indian factory fixes most issues.
i just bought aa 2022 base smoke and im wondering if the baffles can be removed. has anyone removed them from the 2022 base?