Corbin Gunfighter Saddle


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Corbin Gunfighter Saddle for 2019-23 Indian FTR 1200. Black with red stitching. This seat was on the motorcycle when I recently purchased it. The original owner bought the seat so it is no more an 2 years old and on the bike no more than 2500 miles, always garaged. Looks like new!

$618 new on the Corbin website. I’m asking $400 with free shipping in the continental US but make me an offer!


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5150 Canadian

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I would have it shipped to my address in Maine. I'm very interested, what payment can you accept (PayPal, e-transfer etc) I need to check the exchange rate. Thanks


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Can you do $300? It will cost me almost $400 with exchange. I can send thru PayPal tonight if that works.
Yes, I will take $300US. I‘m out of town for work so it will be the weekend before I can ship it. If you will email me at the above address, I can give you the PayPal info. Thanks!