Dressed up a couple little things


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the black on the lettering is cool. Makes it more noticible without being over the top.
I like it :)


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What kind of paint did you use and is it holding up? How many miles was on it when you took the pic?

I've painted cast iron V8 blocks and I think the FTR engine heat on that part probably doesn't require heat-resistant paint like the V8 block; I am concerned with what kind of paint would be compatible with the grey finish that Indian provides.

Chief rocks69

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If you can believe it it's testers model paint, enamel and it holds up perfect. I did some drilling on a Honda exhaust and used it and it worked perfect. My neighbor paints all his bolts on his Harley engine with it with great results.


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I did mine quite some time ago and it held up very well. I simply used a modelers

paint pen and it took hardly any time at all and the pen afforded accuracy and time saving.