Headlight plastic cover


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Is it possible to replace the cover for the headlight? I have a couple of small scratches on mine.
Perhaps from another projector light?

Also I noticed that other Indians (scout) have the same headlight but different part numbers. Is there a big difference?


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Thanks for the link, but unfortunately it's the plastic lens on the front of the headlight I need, and it only lists the headlight with one part number. It looks like it should just unclip from the headlight.


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So this is the problem with my headlight cover, there are 3 small gouges and a crack about an inch long.

I have a headlight restoration kit I was thinking of trying. I think the cover is polycarbonate, it says 'pc' on the detail underneath the headlight.

I was hoping to wick into the crack (and gouges) some polycarbonate glue to try and make it disappear.

It looks like the cover is just a clip on item with no seal between the cover and light, I cannot find a replacement cover, apparently from another thread someone discovered that these lights are not J W Speaker items, which probably wouldn't matter as according to the JWS website they don't offer replacement lenses.

It seems a bit extreme to replace the complete unit because of some scratches and a crack.

I was thinking about getting a cheap Chinese 5¾ light taking the lens (or sourcing a lens) and using some adhesive to glue it to the front of the Indian light or using a headlight ring clamp.

Or what aftermarket replacement units have people used?
Any advice or opinions greatly welcomed.


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any update on this? My lens has clouded with condensation inside. I haven’t had chance to strip it down yet. Is the lens a removable part or is it bonded on


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You can’t just buy the lens. The headlight is a “sealed” unit

It’s a warranty replacement or an insurance claim if you don’t want to pay for the light replacement.