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Interestingly, the Fat Boy and FTR share one problem.... (condensation in the dash/speedo).

Serious though, you sold the FTR?


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Nah. Still have the FTR is a wonderful bike. Handles, quick, fast and nice looking.
Fatboy fills a space in my fleet. Only bike I own that I can flatfoot, which is refreshing. Classic Harley style.
Upgrading with 131 engine kit as we discuss.

Max Kool

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Doesn't matter right? (did you buy your bike new or second hand?)

You can still call your dealer for an appointment, and odds are you still have to wait for parts to come in...


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Yeah bought it new and had it for 1 month, spoke to them they have advised me there are no parts and will call me when they have the part in, evidently, they said they should not have released it but as they delivered it before the recall was released they were not about to try and take it back.
Just have to wait I guess...I will call them in a couple of weeks for an update.


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You don’t need a letter to have the recall work done. It affects every ftr made. Call your dealer and request to be put in the q and get your part on order.

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I visited my dealership Pitt Cycles yesterday (10/6). Alexis the parts manager said the new part is now on back order. According to her computer the part should be available on November 18. She did reserve one for me so it will not be sold to another customer once they arrive at the dealership. I plan to trailer my FTR to the shop for the repair when the part arrives after the riding season and when the shop slows down for winter.

The dealership did seem to have a few more Indians on the floor than than my last visit but no where near as many as pre-Covid. Bill and Mike the owners told me under their contract Polaris should give them about 35 bikes for display at all times. They are still relying on the pre-order, build, delivery system for now. Lack of inventory has caused them to acquire Royal Enfield, Triumph and BMW franchises. When I purchase my FTR in May of 2019 they were selling Indian and KTM (street and dirt). The owners did graciously comp me a dealership shirt. All Pitt Cycle employees wear these at work.


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My dealer, TC Powersports, (Michigan) wanted me to bring the bike in before they ordered the part...really??, it's a recall and probably a ten dollar part. They relented and ordered the part...still backordered