Do most folks replace the stock mirrors?


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I got rid of the standard mouse ears as soon as I could. Had a few cheap sets of bars ends but they all folded back at speed so I went for the Motogadget glassless mirrors. They are small but work really well. Bit pricey but totally worth it. I think they are blades from memory.


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I replaced my stock mirrors with bar ends as did my hubby with his, we just each got different types.


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I'm going to have to see if I can see around my shoulders, I'm not as wide as I was in my thirties but I'm still not narrow across the top. Thank you very much

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I got some Kiwav mirrors, they're better than the stock "mouse ears" LOL Breto.
I put Kiwav mirrors on the Trident too, both bikes will probably get mirror extenders soon.
Modern mirrors are really good they stay in place and you can actually see what's behind you.


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Thank you, I kind of like the look of our end mirrors, but I've never had a bike with them and I hate to change stuff like that. It's not major surgery or anything though
I use stock mirrors with mirror extenders. For some reason, most manufacturers have mirrors where you need to replace to see past your elbow or shoulder I test drove some triumph motorcycles and every one of them had wider mirrors stock.


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I was wondering about this. I’m a bit bigger than average and it seems every time I try a stock bike all I can see are my own arms. I’m assuming when my FTR arrives I’m going to need to either alter the stock mirrors or dump them for some bar ends.