RadGuard oil cooler guards


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Hey legends, thought I'd share a heads up and discount code I just received in my inbox from RadGuard Aus.
NB** I'm not affiliated or associated with this company in any way other than I've bought and used their products across multiple bikes for 10+ years and can easily recommend them.

Hi Everyone,

We are excited to announce that we are finally producing Oil Cooler Guards for the Indian FTR 1200 / S/ R/ Rally 2019 – 2022!!!
The Oil Cooler guards are available in Black or Polished alloy. Pre-Orders are now open, the first batch will be shipped from Wednesday the 24th November 2021.
As a Thank you to everyone who supported us and already purchased a Radiator Guard for the FTR 1200, we are offering you a discount code so the oil cooler will be reduced from $82 to $60! All you have to do is enter the Coupon code “THANKYOUFTR” at the checkout.

Again Thank you so much for your support, we truly appreciate it!

Kind Regards,


Customer Support

Rad Guard Australia

Ph: (02) 6658 0060

Email: [email protected]


Ph: +612 6658 0060

Email: [email protected]
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Cheers - I got a Radiator Guard from them a while back but no email yet.
Have a few expenses this year so will need to order in the new year


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Great products…order the radiator guard and get the oil cooler at a discounted price…👍😎


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Yep but it’s plastic…although Max is happy with that but I’d rather have something a little more robust and that looks great…I’ll be getting one…👍😎🇦🇺


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If like me you'd be interested in getting both, well, they have a Black Friday sale for the next 48hrs. Code is ... BF50, and you get 50 bucks off.
So the Rad and oil cooler set comes down to 196 + shipping.


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Installed mine on the weekend, so far people have told me that my oil will now overheat because 'the new design doesn't let air in' and 'you'll get more dirt and ruin your bike'.

My response - if I find it's causing an issue, I'll take it off.

Before pic:

After pic:



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There’s plenty more room in the plastic one to dump shit onto your cooler Tash…it’ll be fine mate…and like you say if it’s a problem, which I seriously doubt you can take it off…besides there are plenty of air slots in the design. Looks great. I’ll be putting mine on shortly. Just took of my can and Y pipe and packing it to send. Enjoy mate, looks flash…👍😎