Ferraiolo1s FTR mods.


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Figured I would start this to keep track of the mods and the order they were done.

-cut oem levers
-took a hole saw to my oem baffles
-made homemade plate relocation bracket
-removed front and rear chain guard, painted case saver black
- rizoma retro bar end mirrors, bar end helmet hook, and rokform cell phone mount
-lextek cp1 slip on-sold
-pv3 with Ryan tune
-k&n air filter
-Bridgestone a41 tires, lasted almost 4k miles (now bridgestone t31)
-fuel moto cat delete (lasted a day, ran like poo)-sold
-rizoma ma011 sport bend bars with renthal grey grips
-RaceFit slip on growler and cat delete with updated tune from Ryan (doesn’t run like poo)-sold
-Kellermann Atto front and rear turn signals
-Rekluse torqdrive clutch
-atomic +2 rear sprocket-sold
-removed upper cowl turnsignal mounts and replaced with lower cowl mounts
-tracker seat
-Gilles rearsets and axle slider
-TOCE lowmount full exhausts sytem with v5 tune from ryan at indian of Charlotte
-Toce license plate bracket
-beeline moto gps
-Raximo short clutch/brake levers
-RDS frame sliders and ignition cover
-RR tank panels
-Ohlins front and rear suspension
-45t rear sprocket
-Roland sands designed tracker wheels


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Mark on the lever with tape where you want them cut. Remove from bike and use a cutoff wheel. Mine are just long enough to fit two fingers.


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Sorry. It’s been a while since I checked. Actually just hit 7k tonight.

I don’t use the bike for commuting. It’s only a weekend fun bike.