TOCE low mount full system


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DB depends on the number in the bike papers (92Db @ 4125 rpm for my FTR Rally).
If you remove than a Db killer or use a different louder exhaust you can go home by foot worst after a police noise control:eek:
Unfortunately at time there a lots of officially discussions to reduce the Db for all bikes to 80Db :oops::oops:
Will see

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Are the authorities following the Fletcher-Munson curves when assessing the "loudness"?

Do they even care, or are they just set on smacking your pee-pee because you're anti-authoritarian?

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I'm so glad that the nanny state, big brother, epa/noise, quota making cops don't police my part of Texas! Most of the Cops here have personal bikes that are just as loud, or louder than anything I am usually riding. (Usually Harleys)

I have even had a Cop tell me to keep a pocket of nuts and bolts instead of steel shot for the windshield of anyone who tried to mess with me. Because nuts and bolts in the road and gutter, just looks like trash. And it couldn't be linked to me, If I were pulled over for it.

I don't, and wouldn't do euther, but the point is he didn't give two rats butts about the decibels coming out of my exhaust pipe. Or if it farted flowers or exhaust.

I know we each have to go by the local laws the bureaucrats who "know better" set for us. I'm just glad big brother hasen't got into my exhaust pipe here.....yet.
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Almost 1.5 years and 8k later. Headers are still looking new.

I’ve only ever just hand wiped them down with mothers mag polish. Just got this wheel for the drill. Works well


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After seeing all the dyno charts, I finally gave in and ordered a TOCE low mount. The guys over there are great to work with, I opted for the full polished system including muffler, this is something you have to request.

Once you receive the exhaust you realize why its priced where it is, the CNC machining on the oval to circular exhaust flange is amazing. The end caps for the muffler are machined and lightened from a aluminum, and the toce logo on the muffler is stamped, not a sticker or plaque. The muffler itself has a 2in packed baffle behind the screen, the screen is threaded into the end cap, which you unscrew to repack the muffler or add the optional dB killer.

Total installation time was about 30 minutes, including removing the old system.

As far as sound, its 103dB at 2k rpm, for referance the racefit was 113dB. Their optional db killer will get that below 100dB.

After it was installed Ryan from Lloydz, you can tell he spent a lot of seat time developing the tune and exaust system, very smooth power delivery, and the ass dyno approves.
Would you recommend including the stock muffler link pipe assembly and what does it do?


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That’s if you want to run your stock mufflers or a different slip on. They just designed it.

And if you’re buying. Use code AFL-TMPV