Where did you ride your FTR today?


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A strong desire for a Scout Bobber is growing in me.
I casually mentioned it to the missus and the look on her face was enough for me to know to shut about it for a while
I bought my misses hers…she loves it…Bassanis, beach bars, fox shocks, stage one airfilter…goes really well, sounds awesome…and easy to ride…👍😎


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Bike Nights are shutting down for the Winter here too. The remaining one that is still running The Rainbow Cafe which is about 25 miles from my door are still going every other Friday until end of October. Not many bikes there last night and the ride home was a chilly one as I had underestimated the temperature drop. Was one of the first to arrive. This is never a large meet but about 50-60 bikes with a constant stream of people coming and going. Nice ride there with twisty country roads.




Probably the most interesting ride I've experienced tonight. Left a business about 40 miles from home hoping to outrun the rain. I failed. As soon as I got on the freeway, I saw lighting in the nearby mountains. The same mountains I was headed too. Riding through a severe thunder storm, I witnessed well over 50 lighting flashes, many so close it was like having a flash bulb go off in your face. The road flooded in a few small areas. Both beautiful and exciting at the same time. Finally made it home to see the end of the storm.71537.jpeg


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Yesterday I did almost 500 miles cruising around the coastal bend. It was awesome, weather was perfect, had a blast and the whole day to walk around and make stops. On my way home I went to change lanes and something felt very wrong. Almost felt like I was fighting it to lean, so I pulled over and my rear tire was nearly flat. I managed to ride carefully into Sinton TX. Small town less than an hour from Corpus. Picked up a plug kit from the O’reilys, but the gash was as long as my thumbnail and the plugs weren’t cutting it. Waited 3 hours on my progressive roadside assistance. They said they’d escalated my case and would have an eta in two hours! Phone was nearly dead so I started calling friends and luckily my neighbor was able to pick me up with his bike trailer. Had me home in 30 mins. Bought a new tire today for 150$ at the local shop. Hoping to be back on the road by tomorrow evening.


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